In order to stay competitive

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in the global economy, Tennessee employers need workers who can read, write, compute, solve problems, and communicate effectively.

The Literacy Council is striving to do its part to lessen the educational gap. We know increased education leads to increased income. Our instructors are here to educate students and to empower them to be positive citizens.

We are working hard t meet the needs of each community. Our goal is to create partnerships with business and industry to assist adults to become literate and obtain the knowledge and skills necessary for employment and self-sufficiency.

By helping individuals reach their goals, we can touch the community around them. In turn, we can touch our county, our state, our country, and ultimately the world around us.

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Did You Know...

• Still 1,030,000 Tennesseans age 25 and over do not have a high school diploma. Of this number, 500,000 Tennesseans cannot read or write well enough to function in daily life.

• The Tennessee Department of Corrections estimates that 85% of the juveniles who appear before court and 66% of the prison inmates in Tennessee lack their high school credentials. Additionally, 85% of all prison inmates read below the 10th grade level.

• According to the Tennessee Department of Human Services approximately 75% of all welfare recipients lack basic education skills.

• Reports from the Tennessee Department of Labor estimate that 75% of the unemployed need help with elementary reading, math, and English
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The Facts

More than 20% of adults read at or below a fifth-grade level - far below the level needed to earn a living wage.

• The National Adult Literacy Survey found that over 40 million Americans age 16 and older have significant literacy needs.

• Welfare recipients ages 17-21 read, on average, at the sixth grade level. When teens drop out of school, they are likely to drop in the system.
• Nearly 32 million people in the United States speak languages other than English - a 38% increase over 1980.

• American businesses are estimated to loose over $60 billion in productivity due to employees lack of basic skills.

• About 20 percent of America's workers have low basic skills, and 75 percent of unemployed adults have reading or writing difficulties.

• Workplace literacy programs provide workers with the skills needed to get or retain a job, advance in their careers, or increase productivity.
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