Power Path

For basic education instructors, literacy volunteers and learners, there is an easier path to learning success -- the PowerPath. PowerPath is a practical intake, diagnostic screening, and intervention system for learners entering basic skill or job training programs. The PowerPath process makes a difference -- a powerful difference -- in learning success!


Tennessee is experiencing an influx of immigrants from Eastern European, Asian, and Middle Eastern origins as well. Many of these new residents need assistance in learning to speak, read, and write English. Tennessee's adult education programs have responded by creating new ESOL programs and adding ESOL classes to existing programs.

Computer Classes

Computer classes are another form of continuing Adult Education. They provide students and/or community members with the technological skills that they need to succeed in the workforce. We offer four levels of computer courses: Level 1 - Computer Literacy, Level 2 - Basic Word Processing, Level 3 - PowerPoint and Level 4 - Excel.


All Tennessee Adult Literacy Programs serve adults with a wide range of abilities. Adults with low or no reading and/or mathematics skills can benefit from specialized instructional practices and assistance

Workplace Classes

Tennessee Adult Education services have always supported workforce development, but in recent years have seen an increased focus in this area. Local areas provide a “one-stop delivery system” or Career Center to provide training services responsive to the needs of employers and individuals. Adult Education practitioners can conduct a Job Task Analysis to identify the critical tasks that are essential to effective job performance, can isolate the essential skills and thinking strategies required to complete job tasks, and can design customized instruction and classes to upgrade employee skills.

HiSet - High School Equivalent

In the past, the GED® test was the only option for states to measure a student's high school equivalent academic skills. However, in recent years several states have adopted alternative tests that enable them to provide low-cost testing options to you that are both accessible and meet their standards for a high school equivalency certificate. Since 2013, the HiSET® exam from Educational Testing Service (ETS) and the TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion™ from McGraw-Hill Education CTB have been adopted by numerous states because they are more affordable and more widely accessible than the GED® test.


PreGED/GED instruction is a core service of all adult education programs in Tennessee. Tennessee is committed to assisting adults in obtaining the knowledge and skills necessary for employment and self-sufficiency. The Office of Adult Education continually strives to effectively support adults in their pursuit of a General Education Diploma.


The Official GED Practice Test is designed to evaluate a candidate’s readiness to take the full-length GED Test. The practice test contains half of the number of questions found on the GED test. Scores on the practice test are based on the same standard scale that is used for the GED test. The OPT helps instructors identify candidate’s general areas of strength and weakness. The OPT provides candidates with experience in taking standardized tests and enables the candidate to experience the types of questions that are on the GED test.